Website Development in Chennai

Wire Frame

Wire Frame is the first stage in our process of doing the project. Before start working with a project, firstly we analyse that the project comes under which category. Once the category is analysed, we will analyse the best websites of that particular category. Then we plan how to do the project to make it the best of others in that category. Also we plan that how many number of pages are required for the site, better SEO based domain name, how many fields are required in the quotation / enquiry form, Home page, additional pages like gallery page, services page, product page, etc.

Top to bottom design is done which includes Header, Navigation button, Slider, Body of the Content and Footer. After the process of planning, we draw Wire Frame and then we get approval from the client. We do further modifications if there is any modification is required by the client otherwise we proceed with our further steps.


Design is the second stage in our process of doing the project. Once we get the approval of our wire frame design from our client, we start doing the design. In the process of design we convert wire frame to PSD (Photoshop) file with colours and images. We use royalty free images in our projects.

We use the colours that match the projects. Text is then designed like Font type Font size, Font colour, text decoration, etc. We design separate pages for Home page, Gallery page, Product page, Services page, Enquiry / Query form page and other additional pages. Once the designing is done we send the design through e-mail to our client to get approval.


Convert is the third stage in our process of doing the project. After getting the approval from client for the design, we convert PSD (Photoshop) files to web pages (HTML, PHP). At this stage we use Jquery scripts for buttons and sliders, marquee texts, date and time display options. Onsite optimization is done for better SEO.

We use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for better font style, Background (BG), font colour, font size, font family, font weight, font decoration, etc., to make the website better. Then we make Meta tag and Meta description. We create best SEO based URL for web pages. By doing the above said steps the PSD (Photoshop) file is converted to web pages successfully.


Develop is the fourth stage in our process of doing the project. Develop is the process which is done once the process of conversion of PSD (Photoshop) file to web pages is done successfully. Admin side work is developed at this stage. At this stage development of website is done for websites like Content Management System (CMS) websites, E-Commerce websites, etc, using PHP.


Launch is the fifth stage in our process of doing the project. After Analysing, Planning, Designing, Converting, developing the web pages, the site is uploaded to internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in this stage.

The uploaded site is the undergone for quality checks in all major browsers. Like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc..


Support is the sixth stage in our process of doing the project. After launching the website, Control Panel and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) details are given to the client at this stage. As early as possible we will rectify the problems in website if any. Doubts or queries will be clarified over phone or through e-mail. Corrections, Modifications are done in time at low cost.

We also provide good Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plans at low cost.